Episode 10: Talk Nerdy to Me

savagecast_thumb_ep_010_We asked you to reach out to us at our SavageCast email, uproar@savagecast.com, with your Savage Worlds questions, and you did. So we get to the business of answering them.

We really enjoy interacting with the Savage Worlds community, so keep those questions coming.

Thank you to our large and growing listener base for supporting us through our first 10 episodes. Don’t forget to leave ratings and reviews on iTunes, as this helps us build the community and the quality of our shows.

00:01:30 – Savage Pirates

So, ye be startin’ up a new podcast do ye? Think ye c’n sail these waters where many’ve perished afore ye?

Seriously, you guys are doing a great job, I’m really enjoying your podcast a lot.

But on to my question:

What resources would you suggest for someone wanting to run a pirate game. I’m not really interested in having a bunch of magic as I’m leaning more towards a game with an historical feel to it, something along the lines of, “Black Sails.”

Additionally are there any setting rules, edges, or hindrances that you would suggest be included or excluded?

Thanks, and keep up the great show,

Scurvy Bilge Rat

Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG
Ultimate Pirates, Privateers and Plunder Guide (Savage Worlds)
Tabletop Heroes: Age of Piracy – Pirates
50 Fathoms Figure Flats
Skull Cove
Savage Worlds Freeport Companion

00:16:45 – Savage Voltron

Hi guys,

Good crossover episodes, really enjoyed every second and hope to see one with the Happy Jacks guys.

I recently GMed my first Con game and I find myself thinking “Wow, that would be a great Con game” and furiously scribbling notes for future games I want to run. While watching the new Voltron cartoon I got pumped and thought maybe I could try running Savage Voltron at a con but just couldn’t figure out how in the heck to do a fight with a giant robot comprised of smaller robots the players were piloting. Do you have any suggestions for how to achieve that “Giant Robot fueled by teamwork” feeling present in all the Kaiju movies and cartoons?

Thanks and keep it Savage

Karlen “The Savage Stalker” Kendrick

Kaiju Super Fun Time Go! – YouTube

Kaiju Super Fun Time Go! document
Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin

00:23:25 – Stacking Modifiers
00:40:11 – Savage Pro Wrestling

Hello Savage Cast crew!

I am a new Savage world DM coming from D&D (and recently running a lot of games on roll20). I tried savage worlds at Gencon last year and loved the flexibility and just recently ran a few ÉTU one sheets to get my feet wet before I run The Flood for deadlands this fall. I need assistance in two areas:

1) it seems in the one shots I ran, the modifiers were stacking up and it was taking too long to calculate if something succeeded. Am I doing this wrong or making this too difficult?

2) I am a big home brew setting person and a big pro wrestling fan. with the flexibility of the system, I really would love to do a pro wrestling setting because it matches the bigger then life characters, and the fast, furious fun ideal of savage worlds. I was thinking of using wrestling moves as arcane powers with the power point system but I wanted to get your idea of a good way to make wrestling moves or maybe even some setting rules. Sorry about the long email but this system inspires me with so many ideas and none of my friends actually play. Keep up the great job!

-DM Andre

Lucha Libre Hero
Lucha Libre Hero (HD Character Pack)

00:50:47 – Mixing Savage Settings

Dear Savagecast,

First time caller, long time listener.

I was wondering, given the massive number of Savage settings and source books from a variety of genres, what are your feelings on mixing them? If you’re in favor of it, what are some settings you like to mix? If you’re not in favor of it, why?

Looking forward to hearing your perspective on the topic.

Love the show,

-Chris Martinez (RivetDRivet on the RMS forums)

ETU: East Texas University
Realms of Cthulhu
Necessary Evil Explorer’s Edition
Solomon Kane
The Kerberos Club (Savage Worlds Edition)
The Day After Ragnarok

Battle for OZ

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