Episode 9: Wild Die Crossover

savagecast_thumb_ep_009_This town ain’t big enough for TWO Savage Worlds Podcasts, so the Mommy and Bull faced off with Jaime and Eric from The Wild Die Podcast to lay claim to this dusty outpost on the podcast frontier. Or maybe we were just being neighborly and sat down to break bread with our broadcasting neighbors. Or maybe we got all 1% as the White Collar answer to their Blue Collar appeal. Or maybe we lost a bet. Or they won one. Or something.

Since their listeners actually send them questions, we answered a few of them over the course of two episodes, one on their podcast and the second one right here. We covered topics like “What one rule would you add to the rules,” “does Savage Worlds work with Theater of the Mind,” and “what dirty tricks do you use against your players?”

Catch Wild Die Podcast Episode 7: The SavageCast Crossover right here.

In the second half we talk about the Bennie Economy, a fast and dirty guide to Combat, and WTF is a plot point campaign anyway.

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Christopher "Savage Bull" Landauer talks fast and loud, writes long and densely, and plays his characters with abandon. When not at a gaming table, you'll find him in his Jeep with his Border Collies or cursing at the TV offering his alma mater's football team free but rarely taken advice. He is most proud of never having been convicted of a felony.
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