Episode 11: ConTessa Gaming with Kids GenCon Panel

savagecast_thumb_ep_011_We sent the Savage Mommy off to GenCon 2016 to bring back some highlights that the rest of us sad sacks who didn’t get to go missed out on.  Because the RPG community can often look like the Titanic after the life-boats launched, lacking in women and children, we’re excited to bring you this panel discussion.

Friend of show and ConTessa ambassador Darcy Ross — who you can check out on the new Cyper Speak podcast — assembled and moderated a sell-out panel of gaming luminaries, many of whom won well deserved Ennies the night before, covering the vital topic of kids in gaming.

Tabletop Gaming with Kids: Design, Storytelling, Facilitation, & Training the Next Generation

Shanna Germain of Monte Cook games, lead designer of kid-focused RPG “No Thank You Evil” which she debuted at GenCon.
Lynne Hardy of Modiphius Entertainment, lead designer of the tea-time steampunk pulp adventure RPG “Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks”
James Walls & daughter Carrie Walls, of the Living 4 Crits blog and youtube
John Harness, founder of the RPGs for Kids Facebook community

A panel discussion on challenges, solutions, & joys of playing tabletop games with kids (your own and not). This panel [brought] together some great minds coming with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The first half of the panel [was] questions from the moderator on topics of challenges and tips for gaming with kids, the second half [was] questions collected from audience members.

Since Savage Worlds is a gender and kid friendly system, it’s a popular choice to introduce kids to gaming and a platform that doesn’t pigeon hole or punish female characters or players.

After the panel, Savage Mommy interviewed panelist James Walls which you can catch in our next GenCon2016 episode along with short interviews with several other GenCon2016 Savage Worlds folks.

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