Episode 1: Feels Like the First Time

SavageCast Episode 1

Hail Savages!

Coming to you from GenghisCon2016 is the Savage Worlds Panel featuring Clint Black, Jodi Black, Shane Hensley, Darrell Hardy, Neal Hyde, Sara Martinez, Chris “Savage Mommy” Fuchs and Christopher “Savage Bull” Landauer.

Panelists answer how they got into gaming, how they found Savage Worlds, the origins of the Necessary Evil setting, why Darrell chose Savage Worlds for Karthador, how to take advantage of Savage Worlds’ license program for fans and publishers, the history of Savage Worlds at GenghisCon, the East Texas University real time living campaign, Neal Hyde being everyone’s “first,” the 10th anniversary of Savage Saturday Night and memories of the very first one, the origins of the Rocky Mountain Savages, the Weird Wars I kickstarter and future plans for the Weird War line.

Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer, Clint Black, Jodi Black, Darrell Hardy, Shane Hensley, Neal Hyde, Sara Martinez, audience
Credits: Introduction by Derek Johnson, Music by JiB, Editing assistance by Chris Sniezak

About Christopher "Savage Bull" Landauer

Christopher "Savage Bull" Landauer talks fast and loud, writes long and densely, and plays his characters with abandon. When not at a gaming table, you'll find him in his Jeep with his Border Collies or cursing at the TV offering his alma mater's football team free but rarely taken advice. He is most proud of never having been convicted of a felony.
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  2. The PEG crew sounds like an great bunch of people.

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