Episode 15: Savage Worlds GMs the WORST in the Industry?

Are Savage Worlds Game Masters the WORST in the Industry? We tackle this controversial and provocative claim made on the G*M*S Magazine Podcast and more in this episode of the SavageCast.

Savage News:

Are Savage Worlds GMs the WORST Game Masters in the Industry?


Time in to Podcast: 48:00 minutes in  [——]   – 5:05 minutes left
Context: Jim and Paco are talking about what games have been bad for the industry. Late in the show Jim is talking about other Indie RPGs that are too hipster or too mico-cosmic to have wide appeal and he wonders why he’s bothering to publish indie games with these other games and hypothesizes that could rather just publish Savage Worlds stuff instead.

Jim Pinto: Every time I see another Indy game come out, it makes me wonder why am I making these kind of games too. Why don’t I just make a Savage Worlds expansion and just do that for the rest of my life.

Paco Jaen: No, don’t. Not Savage Worlds.

Jim Pinto: I just needed an example and that’s what popped in to my head. I can’t say GURPS anymore.

Paco Jaen: No, but you can use a good example.

Jim Pinto: Uh, I think, I’ve said this before. I like Shane, I like Pinnacle, I like Savage Worlds. I think the player base that I continue to encounter are the worst game masters in the industry.
So maybe we can say, that despite … we can add that to the list … despite the fact that Savage Worlds is a good idea and a good game, it has been bad for the hobby because it has empowered all these shitty GMs.

GenghisCon 40 is coming, February 16th-19th, 2017
We interview Matt Rowles, owner, on all the Savagery we can expect: Ed Wetterman, Shane Hensley, and more.

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6 Responses to Episode 15: Savage Worlds GMs the WORST in the Industry?

  1. Chad Jones says:

    So they don’t have a problem with the system, just the players. Sounds like some pretentious click bait at best, rude gamers at worst.

    • I don’t know if it’s limited to the players/GMs. Listen to the tone in Paco Jean’s voice, he seems to loathe the system itself.

      • Bud McDonald says:

        Meh, sorry, but I cannot take anything serious when it is said by a person who goes by the handle “Paco Jean”. I have RPGed since 1979. GMed since the 80’s. Savage Worlds is the best system for introducing RPG to new players, for ease of play, and for versatility. Paco can kiss my sweaty crotch armor. Bud McDonald Great River Gaming Guild, Quincy, IL.

  2. Neal says:

    I’m going to call BS on bad SW GMs. SW settings don’t have 48-page ultra detailed modules that babysit a GM and spoon feeds dialog and descriptions like a choose your own adventure book for young readers. A SW GM is handed a setting and maybe, MAYBE, she gets a plot point campaign with adventure descriptions ranging from a few paragraphs to a couple of pages. Why? Because players and GMs own SW settings, not some candy-ass company that wants to “preserve the flavor” or protect the IP from “inappropriate” play. Savage GMs are trusted to get into the game and treat a setting with all the gentleness of a sex-starved orangutan. If you want a scripted, railroad adventure with all the originality of a McDonalds, there’s plenty to choose from. But if you want a game that evolves with the settings and which puts the “laughter” back into “slaughter”, you gotta go Savage.

  3. Paco Jaen says:

    Well well… I didn’t realise our opinions in our little podcast mattered enough to warrant time in a better podcast. That is quite flattering. Thank you!

    To clarify, I do not loathe the system, even though just a few words might be enough for someone to make anyone who doesn’t know me well think I do. SW is a system I have very little experience in and I have had mixed experiences, but I don’t loathe any system. I think loathing a system is kind of stupid.

    And, also for the record, I don’t have a problem with the players or the GMs either. Jim might have his reasons and that would be for him to clarify, but to cannot say I don’t like SW players for the same reason I can’t say I don’t like D&D players…. there are all sorts of people playing those games and I am sure the majority are perfectly nice and decent people.

    Hope this helps clarify the quoted dialogue and the tone of the podcast.

    • Hey Paco,

      Thanks for clarifying your thoughts, there wasn’t much to go on in the actual audio so it’s good to have some rationale behind your position.

      We approached it as an interesting question to ask and consider multiple sides of, instead of some “people are wrong on the internet!” so we appreciate you guys asking thought provoking questions. I personally enjoy debating interesting topics more than one-sided rah-rah positive-only sorts of podcasts/blogs that are basically just advertisements.

      Keep up the good work on your podcast and happy new year to ya!

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