Episode 18: What You Really Really Want

While David was off in the wilderness hunting Sasquatch, Chris and Christopher talk Tacticon 2017 and What You Really Really Want to see in a Savage Worlds setting when it comes to adventure content.

If you joined us for Savage Saturday Night you could have walked away with one of these excellent prizes from our generous sponsors.  If you missed out, you can pick them up now and play what all the cool kids are playing:

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For the bulk of the show, we discussed when settings really need a Plot Point Campaign, or when separate adventures and an adventure generator are sufficient to flesh out a system.

If you’d like to join us for GenghisCon 2017, coming up this February 15th – 18th, you can submit your games now.

Gilbert Gallo will be joining us as a special guest all the way from Italy!

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Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer
Intro: Derek Johnson
Music: Jib
Editing: David Garrett

About Christopher "Savage Bull" Landauer

Christopher "Savage Bull" Landauer talks fast and loud, writes long and densely, and plays his characters with abandon. When not at a gaming table, you'll find him in his Jeep with his Border Collies or cursing at the TV offering his alma mater's football team free but rarely taken advice. He is most proud of never having been convicted of a felony.
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2 Responses to Episode 18: What You Really Really Want

  1. Glad to see another episode drop!
    Any chance you guys may start going back to a monthly podcast? I’ve liked your work since I started listening back in August 2016.

    • Between running the largest gaming club in the Rocky Mountain West, putting on the two largest gaming cons, and publishing a new SW game setting, we’ve been pretty busy just with Savage Worlds stuff, let alone life stuff. So I can’t make any promises. We like doing the podcast and see no reason to stop, it’s just finding the time to meet and record and edit around all the other projects. I can honestly say that I don’t know off hand anyone else who spends more time promoting SW, producing SW content, and organizing SW events in the whole world, even people getting paid for it. We might be spreading ourselves a little thin, but hopefully what we do get out there is good.

      We’re also striving to make better quality podcasts, so there’s a learning curve. We’ve purchased nicer mics and a sound board and better software and all that.

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