Episode 5: Fast, Furious, Fun

savagecast_thumb_ep_005_You’ve heard the hype: “Fast, Furious, and Fun.”  If there were any more alliteration you might die.

Savage Mommy and Savage Bull tell you exactly why the hype is real.  We break down the Savage Worlds game mechanics, style, and philosophy that deliver on the promise of an RPG session that is easy to prep for, quick to run, creates an exciting atmosphere of heroism and anticipation and consistently delivers a quality cooperative roleplaying experience.

We talk card initiative, target numbers, opposed die rolls, mooks, bennies, traits, prep, character creation, exploding dice, edges, setting rules, jokers, raises, properties, themes, and more.

We also try and kill you with even more alliteration all over the place. And random wedding stories that just demand to be told.

Here’s an awesome new property that you should give a listen to and the original Deadlands adventure it’s based on:

Audio Avatar‘s audio drama Tombstone Tales: The Taxidermist’s Tale.  The One Sheet.

Here’s the newest and best Savage Worlds stuff we think you should drop some money on:

Hellfrost – Atlas of the Frozen North

GRAmel has a new adventure for their Tropicana setting: Die Fast!

Fainting Goat Games: Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs Volume 2 has more than a dozen new bad guys, thugs, and super-villains for your next SUPERS game. 

And in case you missed it the first time: the original Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs

Kick in some Kold Khard Kash on these Kickstarters:

The Rifts Kickstarter is going now. It met its funding goal in under 3 Minutes!!! If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for?!

Noisy Person Cards is a party game designed to help you develop new character voices for role playing games from the folks behind The One Shot and Campaign podcasts.

The guys behind the Wild Die Podcast are launching Conclave Gaming Convention in Modesto, CA

Queen City Conquest, in Buffalo NY, is the local con for Friend-of-Podcast Chris Sneizak

Appearing: Chris Fuchs, Christopher Landauer
Intro: Derek Johnson
Music: Jib
Editing: Landauer and Fuchs

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